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So you are looking for a spontaneous, smiling and naughty casual partner who has the necessary “savoir vivre”, is stylish hot and is different than usual?

Someone who also likes to seduce, loves (to) desire and pamper, filled with passion, pleasure and has sheer delight as second nature?

Then… you should definitely take some time to let me introduce myself to you.

To all relatives, friends and family… this Is My Life And I Love It!!

I am a very cheerful and open-minded, independent bi-sexual lady who likes to combine "usefull” with the "best pleasure on earth" and therefore I like to dwell in a classy and respectful female-friendly environment.



Born on May 6, 1968 (why should I present myself any younger) and I’m 1.65m tall.

I have a size 38 and I weigh 58kg on the scale.

I have a natural 85B cup, short cut blond hair and always twinkling eyes!

I’m very open-minded and ready to have a lot of fun, except for extremes like SM, animal sex, piss and scat, car and outdoor sex and certainly no minors!

I love my life a lot and so for your and my good health intimate contact is ALWAYS WITH CONDOM, no exceptions, ever!!

Hygiene and cleanliness are obviously high on my list, hopefully on yours to?

You can find me in the province of East Flanders, but, off course, we can meet in other provinces for exciting and sensual escort dates.

Private escort is also in my own cozy and sensual relax oasis in Zelzate at 1km from the N49 Knokke Antwerp, and 1km from the Dutch border towards Terneuzen.

Absolute discretion is on top of my list and will always be respected!

For you, I can be a very classy and stylish lady and/or a sexy insatiable kitty!

I’ll never say NO, on the contrary, to a really respectful gentleman who also likes to see me enjoy our date!

Feel free to mail or tell me how you would prefer to meet me, your favorite style of dress, your wishes and wildest dreams.

I love to lend my ear and I am completely into many fun and exciting, original or crazy proposals and I’ll go all the way to make our date the best you’ll ever have.

So are you, like me, spontaneous, open, sincere, honest and also adventurous looking for ...

Read on to discover how you can reach me. Who knows, maybe we’ll be together soon for a nice, relaxed time with a lot of fun and uninhibited sex with heavenly pleasure.

What I do...

Do you long for a lazy relaxation with a relaxed, gentle touch or an exciting body2body massage after a stressfyul day?

Did you already dream or fantasize about a room/hotel date full of passion and hot, steamy pleasure?

Are you looking for company for a sauna visit, a club night or just a night out?

Or maybe you are organizing a hot private party with some friends and are looking for a crazy, hot lady for a night of fun without strings?

These are just some of the things you can contact me for.

So, am I thoroughly and purely professional when on a date (a question asked a lot…)?


Do I really know how to deepthroat and swallow… do I like anal sex… do I come myself… are multiple orgasms possible?

Don’t worry, I’m anti-pro and enjoy what I do a lot!

No need to start counting for all those extras… dating me is all included!

I can meet you at your house as well as in room / hotel / location of choice, discretion assured!

Time to put the champagne on ice!

ps. If you don’t have any preference in terms of room/motel/hotel please tell me.
I know many good and discreet places where we can meet.


I work every day in the week from 9:00am till 9:00pm.

Private calls or text messages will never be answered.

A call from a landline or mobile phone with number identification is desired.

If I am prevented or would not be free to respond to you personally... sorry and thx for understanding.

If you want a date with me during the weekends, I would like to know and have it confirmed a few days in advance.

Off course you can ask me all your questions by email or phone.

But I guess you know already what to expect by now and if not, just contact me.

Hot kisses and till...


My current location is:


Email: Belle

Call: 0478 580505


For a private date at my premises I will charge you € 150 for an hour of fun, indulgence and pure pleasure.

You can reach me at my mobile 0478/58.05.05.

For a regional escort the cost is € 200.

Outside the region, a date is only possible for 2 hours or more.

Last Minute dates are impossible with me!

The cost of the room/hotel or other locations is not included.



If you have a question or just want to drop me a message, feel free!

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